why photography?

Hello friend

today I want to talk about a topic that every serious artist should consider, why choose one mode of creating art instead of another?

Is there really such a thing as the "highest form of art"


I would argue that the highest form of art is whatever kind the viewer gets the most amount of pleasure from. whether that be painting, sculpting, photography, or any of the other ways to create some work of art.

And within every form of creating there are a million sub-genres within that form of art, there's landscape photography, street photography, portrait photography and so on, ad infinitum. To quote David Foster Wallace "the only thing that is Capitol T True is that you get to decide what to think, and what to believe in". 

I beleive in photography because I want my work to show my appreciation for the world around me, and to imbue apart of my personality into the images. It was because of photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Andre Kertesz I've been inspired to see life in fleeting moments, and I believe in going out and trying capturing that "decisive moment". When all the static elements line up within your viewfinder and you realise the potential for the final image, that is what I strive for.


So go forth friends, research, discover, and contemplate, what kind of art form is most important to you? is it painting? photography? or is it just being social with friends, which is probably the most important way to create something meaningful with our short lives on earth.

from love.