Why I Love Blogging

I freaking love blogging. I love writing, and I love forcing myself to come up with something every week. It’s a fun challenge to try to make a cohesive blog post every week. It’s easy to feel as though I understand my thoughts and ideas, but once I try writing them down it’s kind of like a second filter to make sure I truly understand what I’m feeling and trying to say. This has helped me immensely when it comes to explaining things to myself and others. Now that I’ve been writing for so long I feel as though I’m a better communicator and just generally understand myself better.

My blog still has a long way to go. I still think I’m pretty far away from creating one of the great blogs on the web, and that’s okay. My blog is about forcing myself to write and finish something every week. Kind of like self imposed homework. If I only put out a blog post when I was 100% happy with what I’ve created then I would only post about once every month or two. Similar to how often I put out new photographs. Why the difference? Because my photography is my favorite passion, it’s the form of communication that’s most important to me. I feel as though it’s critical for me to curate my photography because if I don’t then I’m only contributing to a visual overload of stimulus, and if I allow myself to degrade the artist-viewer relationship to one of constant stimulation then you’re no longer creating something that will last in the viewers minds and leave them thinking, you’re just giving them a distraction for a few seconds.

But the thing with my blog posts is that it’s not meant to be the final draft of an epic work, it’s just an update, a public diary in a sense. I know a lot of people feel that with their photographs they want to create visual updates on what they’re doing/seeing and that’s okay. Maybe even a better way of using the tool than what I use it for. But it’s not the way I want to use photography. Anyway just some quick ramblings on what I’ve been thinking about today, I hope you all have an amazing week!