Reflections from Nuit 150

Last night was the big night. I’ve been preparing, organizing, building, and hyperventilating about this night for weeks. Nuit 150 is Corner Brook’s first Nuit Blanche festival, an after dark arts festival that tries to encompass as many different artists and art forms as possible. It wasn’t my first time attending one of these festivals, Halifax has Nocturne which is always really cool but this is my first time presenting in one. I presented my photographs on a ten foot by six and a half foot screen. Me and my grandfather built the screen ourselves, and the projector was lent to us by Grenfell college. In total there were about 50 photographs that were on display.

The whole night was a huge success. I’ve never seen such a crowd gather in Corner Brook. It was great seeing so many people appreciating local artists. Corner Brook has a surprisingly vibrant art scene which I wouldn’t of expected when I first moved here considering the population of the city. I spent most of my time at my own presentation but I did get a chance to slip out and see some of the other installations, my personal favorite being Mr. H. Presents, during the time I was there the two young men were playing their music (Unfortunately can’t remember their names, I think the singer was Noah?). I truly believe that if those two keep practicing their music they can be the next Steely Dan.

I still find it hard to believe all of the positive comments people said to me. There were some great crowds gathering around to see my photographs. I had so many amazing conversations with people about art and life. Thank you all for coming out, you were the ones that made Nuit 150 an amazing experience. Art is meaningless without having others to appreciate it. You’re the reason why I love taking and presenting my photographs, thank you all!