My New Passion for Writing

Hello everyone! I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, not just about my life or about photography but writing everything that comes to mind, book ideas, movie ideas, theater ideas. One day I want to achieve at least one of these things. I really feel like writing is becoming a new creative outlet for me just as much as photography. All because one day I decided I wanted to start this blog. It’s funny because I never thought writing would evolve into such a passion. Now I keep a journal with me as much as I can. Typing is better for “getting in the zone” because it allows me to rapidly push out my thoughts whereas with writing I’m just a little bit slower, which isn’t a bad thing. Taking a little bit of extra time to think about what I’m trying to express can be helpful when it comes to figuring out the best words to use. Although I’ve never tried shooting film a lot of people say it’s beneficial because it slows them down, makes them think more. I guess when you get down to it the two mediums are a lot more similar than they are different. They both lend themselves to storytellers, they’re both outlets for the creator, both of them have the power to change the audience's viewpoint about the world. I think I’ll always be a passionate photographer, but this newfound passion for writing may be a sign that my life may change direction in a way that I can barely foresee right now. I’m only 21 and there are very few people whose life remains on the same track from their twenties throughout their life. Anyway there’s no point in trying to peer into the crystal ball of the future. I’ve gotta think about the now and figure out how I’m going to make it the best present it can be. Here’s a photo I took years ago when I was in photography school and was still learning about macro photography.