Why I Make Photographs

Photography is one of the things that makes me feel fulfilled as a human being. It gives me a goal to push myself towards. I enjoy the fact that I can always push myself to create better photographs and to communicate my ideas in a more subtle way, or in a more direct way. Through observing and interacting with the world I educate myself about the place that I’m in. I don’t have a huge desire to travel and visit exotic places, I believe my best photographs are made at home. I think there’s always something interesting to see if you have your eyes wide open.

Photographs give me a document of something that previous Jeremy made. I enjoy having some kind of momento to reflect on my previous self. I enjoy having something to remember what it is that I valued at when I was younger and to see a part of myself in a tangible form that I can hold. It’s kind of like keeping an object you had as a kid because you just don’t want to forget that part of you still exists.