Life in color

I don't remember when I chose for my work to be predominately be in black and white, When I go out taking photographs I almost always focus on the light, this in turn makes my mind go into state where I only think about how I can turn the scene into the a series of tones that shows the depth not just of the physical scene, but also my emotional response to it. How I perceive and choose to present the event going on in front of me is almost always most satisfactorily done in terms of black and white tones. Maybe it's a sign of artistic limit that I don't usually take photos in color, but I like to think of it more as a creative constraint, something that allows me to focus on one abstract way of presenting the world. That being said I still have a few street photographs that I've taken that have (miraculously) turned out well in color.

Point Pleasant Park, Halifax 2015

Halifax 2015

New York 2015

Halifax Waterfront 2015

San Francisco 2017