Why Create?

Do we need to create works of art? I think most artists create and put their work into the world because they love to do it, but for me personally I find that everything I create is for my own personal satisfaction, If I can please myself then I’m happy. Any recognition gained from putting the work into the world is just extra enjoyment I get out of the creative process. But why?

I believe that through putting the work into the world then I may be able to help other people have a connection with the work, they may be inspired to make something that's similar to it, or they may simply enjoy looking at it. And through that connection with the artwork they are more connected to humanity. What I mean is I take photographs to express what I can’t express in words. If someone sees my photographs and feels something, then a communication is made. It may not be exactly what I felt when I made the photograph, or what I felt some time later when I exhibit the photograph, but that’s the same for all of human communication, nothing is ever perfect, if I can have one person make a real connection to my photographs then I’ll be ecstatic.

If I make a photograph that tries to show life as beautiful, and one person sees the image and enjoys it, then they are enjoying beauty created from life. That's what I want to accomplish with putting my photographs into the world. Pleasing myself is a necessity, inspiring others is a goal.

I believe life is beautiful and what I want when I pick up my camera is to transport other people into a slice of my own vision, to see the beauty in humanity, in existence. There are times when I look at everything around me, and see nothing but beauty. That’s when I am my best self. And photography is a way of trying to get into that state, an active attempt to find that inner bliss. If I’m lucky enough, skilled enough, and work hard enough, I may be able to show you the beauty as well.

But back to the question at hand. Do we need to create? For me the answer is yes. I'm addicted to the feeling that photography gives me. Although I believe that we as human beings don’t need to create, not in the traditional sense of making something to put on a wall. I think all of life is a creative endeavor, having fun with friends requires creativity, being a nice person to the person serving you requires creativity, being a good neighbor requires creativity. I don’t think every person feels the same need that I do when it comes to making something to put onto a wall. Living life is the best form of creative expression. If we can learn to do that well, then why do we need to create?