Life is a musical

Life is a musical. All of the different things around you are like instruments, constantly changing tone and pitch, as you get closer to one instrument you start to hear it louder, as you get closer to one aspect of the scene in front of you, it becomes larger in the frame. You can selectively focus on certain elements of the scene, or you can choose to have one person play in the ensemble. The world is a musical choir where everything that you see represents potential for creation, and it’s the photographer's job to cut out the useless noise, to only focus on the most important parts of the scene, to only listen to what needs hearing. If the photographer understands the importance of the moment, and has enough veneration for the subject, then they might be able to capture that one fraction of a second, that one note of pure harmony. When all of the forms line up and compliment each other in a way that is reminiscent of the human experience. Creating something that you feel in your soul, capturing the note that reverberates to the eternal music of life.