Reflections on the past week

Hello everyone This was an amazing week for me. I went to St. John’s for the first time in my life, I got to announce my upcoming exhibition, and I got to go on my first real road trip since coming to Newfoundland.

Lark Harbour NL

All throughout my life I’ve heard rumors about the “big city” that is St. John’s (If New York is the big apple does that make St. John’s the big potato?). When my family would go to Newfoundland we would always go to the east coast because that’s where our family is from and still resides. I’m glad I got to experience it even if it was only for a few days. I feel like in order to really appreciate any place you need to be there for an extended period, 2 weeks minimum but preferably a month so that you can really get a chance to see all of the side streets and shops that are in the city two days may be enough to “see” all of the things in the downtown area but to really experience them takes much longer. When I traveled to San Francisco to attend Street Foto San Francisco I was in SF for 2 weeks and still felt like I barely scratched the surface of the city. St. John’s was a lot like my hometown of Halifax, a nice port city with historical buildings and lots of businesses in the downtown area. My favorite part was seeing all of the art galleries that are in the downtown area, the best ones being the Red Ochre Gallery and the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art I also got a chance to see most of the Irish Loop, a long circle of small port towns that all have a strong Irish heritage. I love the small towns in Newfoundland because I feel like that’s what really defines this wonderful province, a series of small tightly knit communities of extremely friendly people.

My Aunt took this image of me as I was walking back form taking photos of the barn.