Halifax diary #2

Day 2 in Halifax is over, I just woke up and started to write. I didn’t do any photography yesterday but instead decided to hang out with friends and go skateboarding. Going through the back streets while speeding past people and cars while doing whatever tricks I can just feels so liberating. I had a lot of good conversations with my friend julian, we talked about how extreme sports (rollerblading for him and skateboarding for me) gave us a sense of heightened awareness and through this awareness we both feel as though experiencing life is simply improved. I’ve heard about some people calling this the “flow state” and I think that’s a good way to put it. I sometimes feel something similar when I’m photographing except the feeling isn’t quite the same, the flow state doesn’t come from physical activity and physical dexterity in controlling the board, it comes from controlling my camera and it’s more of a spiritual bliss that I feel with regards to seeing the beauty in all people. I take photographs and I feel as though any and every moment in life is worth remembering and capturing. If the photographer has the skill to portray it in a way that both respects the dignity of the subject matter, and shows the artist's appreciation and reverence for it.

It was a misty day and for the entire time skateboarding I wish I had my camera but unfortunately we can only do so much at one time. In the past I would often feel bad about not having captured the beauty in front of me. Maybe it’s because in the past I wasn’t happy with my creative output  so every potentially good photograph that came by that wasn’t captured by me was another failure to add to the list. But now I’m just grateful for having experienced it with my own eyes.

So that was the day, I’m still going to try and blog every day for my time in Halifax so stay tuned and there will be more thoughts fleshed out onto the pixels of your screen.