reflections after my photography exhibition

Hello friend. It’s currently 10:39 PM, I just finished my exhibit at the Rotary Arts Centre “A Visual Ode to David Foster Wallace” and I wanted to write about how amazing the night was. I got to talk with friends and family, enjoy good food and discuss my art with some great people. Afterwards me and my parents (who were awesome enough to fly in from Halifax) went back home and just played cards. Life is always better when you have great people to experience it with. This is the third time that I’ve had a public display of my street photography. The other two being “Find yourself “ at Picture It in a Frame and my projection display for Nuit 150+. I feel incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to display my work so many times.

I'm extremely grateful to have shown others my work and every time had such an amazing response. Thank you to everyone that made it out to the show. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be as ecstatic and happy as I am now.

I think what made the whole thing such a success is that I had my family involved. My mother and I spent all day cooking the food (to be honest she did pretty much everything, I just made some dip). I wouldn’t have been able to exhibit my work if it wasn’t for my incredibly supportive family. Thank you all.

I hope every exhibition that I'm a part of can have this same kind of small town feel to it. I have the kind of personality where everything just feels better if I do it myself. I love being involved in making the food, setting up the display (thanks for the guidance Robin), and I even love the pre exhibition jitters and stress. If it wasn’t for the stress then the whole thing wouldn’t be enjoyable once it goes off without a hitch.

Thank you mom, dad, nanny Marg, poppy Ray, poppy Stan (Rest in Peace), nanny Jean (Rest in Peace), The entire staff at the Rotary Arts Centre, especially Robing for helping set up the exhibit and servicing the bar, as well as everyone that showed up and lent me your time to look at my artsy fartsy crap. It’s all fun!